About us

IURS - Institute for Sustainable Development of Settlements is a non-profit Civic Association registered under the Czech law, founded in 2001. The aims of IURS are:

  • to support sustainable urban development,

  • to help a wide variety of local stakeholders to understand and follow the principles of sustainable urban development,

  • to transfer know-how and initiate the development of new tools for sustainable development of settlements.

Presently, IURS has 30 members, experts in various professions (urban development and urban regeneration, real estate, demography, planning and architecture, construction economy, law, urban regeneration, environmental remediation, and so on) whose experience can be drawn on or employed when working on local or international projects.

IURS fills the niche gap between the academic research and the commercial consulting activities. IURS is most effective in areas, where it is advocating new approaches help to deliver sustainable urban development  in areas, where the commercial consulting is yet underdeveloped, or is too risky.