Become urban environmental acupuncture specialist

The Urban Environmental Acupuncture (UEA) application is part of cities' adaptation strategies as a response to the negative effects of climate change. UEA can also address problems, such as air pollution, lack of biodiversity, and inconvenient social situation. The e-learning course is designed to give participants a quality overview of a full range of issues on UEA. Meanwhile, thanks to the inclusion of an additional list of references, every participant has the opportunity to improve their knowledge on specific issues. For further self-study, the Salute4CE handbook has also been compiled, thus offering solutions to individual problem areas in greater detail, and expanding the basic portfolio of knowledge.

The course is open to all who are interested in sustainable urban development. It is primarily intended for urban planners, architects, students, citizens, local and regional authorities, etc.

The participant has the opportunity to gain an intensive insight of the entire UEA issue. Due to the self-evaluation system, the participant is able to find out if he/she has understood the given issue correctly.

"The course is divided into two parts (educational part and certificated part). The educational part is accessible to everyone without the need to register. This part includes all educational modules, including the possibility of self-evaluation. The certificated part is intended for those e-learning participants who want to obtain a certificate URBAN ENVIRONMENTAL ACUPUNCTURE SPECIALISTS, awarded by the Salute4CE project," says Barbara Vojvodíková from IURS, the project partner of SALUTE4CE project.

The e-learning course has been elaborated within the Salute4CE project. The SALUTE4CE project has been implemented under the INTERREG Central Europe Programme. The main goal of the course is to introduce the professionals and general public to the concept, goals, opportunities and procedures of the urban environmental acupuncture (UEA) approach.