Green interventions in Liptovský Mikuláš based on the participation of local citizens

Green interventions in Liptovský Mikuláš based on the participation of local citizens

The city of Liptovský Mikuláš is a project partner of the SALUTE4CE project and at the same time one of the pilot areas where a total of 4 green interventions leading to the improvement of public space will take place. We speak about the green urban acupuncture that will be applied at the House of Culture, in arboretum - the so-called Grandmother's Garden, Náměstí Míru and and block of flats area Podbreziny.

Pupils and students of the Demänovská Kindergarten and Primary School worked on the creation of the Grandmother's Garden concept, and the resulting design is based directly on the children's wishes.

The future appearance of Náměstí Míru and the Podbreziny housing estate could be affected by the city's residents through a Facebook poll and voting papers, which were placed in the town hall building. The city of Liptovský Mikuláš is also working on the greening of public spaces through an action plan, which is being developed on the basis of the involvement of representatives of the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations and local residents. The action plan should identify other suitable sites for urban acupuncture interventions, and set up a system for monitoring and evaluating these green projects leading to improved quality of life in the city. The action plan should be ready by autumn 2021.

Liptovský Mikuláš is a town in northern Slovakia, on the Váh River, about 285 kilometers (177 mi) from Bratislava. It lies in the Liptov region, in Liptov Basin near the Low Tatra and Tatra mountains. The town is also renowned as a town of guilds and culture.

The idea of SALUTE4CE is consisting in protection and development of natural resources by the integrated environmental management of green and blue infrastructure with planting native and climate resistant vegetation in functional urban areas lacking large sites for this function. The project will increase capacities of the public sector and related entities to improve management of green infrastructure in functional urban areas by using the small plots/spots which are not attractive for other purposes. 

The SALUTE4CE project will implement the concept of urban environmental acupuncture. This consists of a surgical and selective intervention into the urban environment, instead of large scale projects that involve thousands of hectares and high costs.

To this end the inhabitants of Liptovský Mikuláš will be involved to participate in activities aiming at taking care of the small areas in their neighborhood, and promoting the planting of native and climate resistant vegetation on these areas in order to restore the biodiversity and natural heritage.

For more information please follow the official website of SALUTE4CE project.