The city of Mikulov approach to built heritage management

Many European cities have historic buildings on their territory. However, their revitalization and reconstruction is very difficult due to their heritage protection.

The BhENEFIT project proposes a comprehensive approach to the management of historic built areas. The daily maintenance of historic buildings is very demanding. The BhENEFIT project focuses on improving the management of historic built areas, combining the daily maintenance of historic heritage with its preservation and valorisation in a sustainable way. The project has been running since 2017 and is supported by the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE Programe.

Bhenefit has 12 partners in 7 different countries in Central Europe. Each of them addresses specific problems related to the preservation of historic heritage, such as touristic flows, energy efficiency, but also earthquakes or pollution. The Bhenefit project provides a number of useful tools and platforms for the regeneration of historic built areas.

The historic center of the city of Mikulov is a model example in the Czech Republic is. Already in 1952, the historic center of Mikulov was declared an urban conservation area. Currently there are nearly 200 historical and cultural monuments in the city. Several important documents concerning the regeneration of the urban conservation area were processed in Mikulov.

The Regeneration programme

The Regeneration programme was developed in accordance with the Ministry of Culture Regulation No. 209/1992. The Regeneration programme of Mikulov is regularly updated. The programme was discussed with residents. They could give their comments and ideas. The city of Mikulov is currently looking for the new use of the National House building. National House is listed as protected building. You can find it on the main square. The city bought the building and is currently trying to find its new function.

The National house used to be a guesthouse. In the nineties, however, began to decay and then it was closed completely. But why not to organize concerts, theatre performances, professional lectures or flea markets in the National House? The regeneration of the National House will be long lasting and very demanding, not only financially. Therefore, the representatives of the town of Mikulov actively share the knowledge of the BhENEFIT project and try to solve the challenges associated with the regeneration of the National House with project partners.