The results of Action Plan for Urban Environmental Acupunture in Liptovský Mikuláš, Slovakia

The project partnership of the project SALUTE4CE wants to implement the concept of urban environmental acupuncture (UEA) consisting in a surgical and selective intervention into the urban environment, instead of large scale projects that involve thousands of hectares and tremendous costs. The partnership developed the common methodology and criteria of selecting both spots and types of interventions which were applied in elaborating action plans for 4 functional urban areas (FUAs). These action plans  demonstrate the application of the idea of UEA as an effective and innovative way of integrated environmental management in FUA to make it more liveable place. One of the FUA was the city Liptovský Mikuláš in Slovakia. 

The action plan which was developed during the year 2021 collected the suggestion from the public (stakeholders),  the “need” and “suitability” criteria were applied to propose the measures based on the demands of public. Concrete measures were consulted also with knowledge partner – IURS Ostrava. This time was very hard because of the global pandemy, so special measures had to be developed and followed.

„The main challenge was to reach (to find out) concrete proposals from public concerning the abandoned places that need some kind of UEA. We did not want just to map and collect existing data and information about the situation, but also to find out concrete “added value” of the document of Action plan“, says Jana Kormaníková from the city of Liptovský Mikuláš. This “mission” was fullfilled thanks to GIS application. GIS application was providing:

-             location of the users on the map,

-             possibility to insert thephoto of location and proposal of solution

-             summary of suggestions in form of charts and general maps.



Another tools for public participation were also used during the formation of the Action Plan.

-             public meetings, mainly in online form due to the covid pandemy

-             surveys via the FB voting, GIS application, emails, personally in form of voting paper

-             survey in the field – with mayors of FUA in April 2021

-             living labs (Neighbourhood green space in Podbreziny area on November 11, 2019; Online conference – webinar on May 5, 2021)



Public mostly complained about the lack of green in public spaces, abandoned external public places, etc. Considering local policy, it is important to address these challenges to create for citizens more attractive, healthy a save places for living, improve resident well-being, improve social cohesion, create measures for adaptation on climatic changes such as to reduce the urban heat island effect by planting greenery.

As a part of the participation of the residents and stakeholders in the selection of urban acupuncture sites, a total of 114 suggestions were collected, of which 101 suggestions were collected through the GIS application and 13 suggestions were collected through the email communication.

Based on the public suggestions collected during the AP analysis phase 4 suggestions will be done in the framework of the SALUTE4CE project in form of pilot investment, there are as follows:

-             Grandmama garden “Arboretum of native fruit trees” at Demänovská Elementary School

-             Outdoor Green vertical wall of the House of Culture

-             Revitalization of pedestrian zone – Park of The Square of peace

-             Neighbourhood green space in Podbreziny area.

Other suggestions were in analysis process evaluated by 2 main criteria: need (expected benefits of greenifying of specific site) and suitability (favourable / adverse conditions). Each criterion carried a score of 0 to 2 with different “weights” assigned to different criteria depending on the specific characteristics of the given site type.

Highly recommended sites in Liptovský Mikuláš, as they scored the maximum number of point:

1.           Minipark in the Ondrašová City District

2.           M.R.Martáková Park

3.           Námestie osloboditeľov

4.           Demänovská Kindergarden and Primary School (Grandmama garden)

5.           Urban block courtyard in Podbreziny City District

6.           Dom kultúry (House of culture)

7.           Námestie mieru (Park of The Square of peace)

8.           Bodice City District

9.           Greenery in Borbisova street

10.         Park area in Demänová City District

11.         Along the Smrečianka stream

12.         Apartment buildings between Štúrova street and Jilemnického street

13.         Apartment building premises on Lipová street

14.         Podbreziny cycle path – Liptovská Ondrašová

15.         Pedestrian and cycle path – Opavská street – rail bridge

16.         Garage on Senická street.

"Above mentioned recommended sites will be put to city budget and  will be carried out in next years, depending on the budget. Some of them could be funded also through external subsidies," says Jana Kormaníková.

The main objective of SALUTE4CE is protection and development of natural resources by the integrated environmental management of green&blue infrastructure with planting native and climate resistant vegetation in FUAs lacking large sites for this function. The project will improve capacities of the public sector and related entities in management of green&blue infrastructure in FUAs by using the small spots not attractive for other purposes.