Implementation of Sustainable Land Use in Integrated Environmental Management of Functional Urban Areas (LUMAT)

The LUMAT project objective is the implementation of Sustainable Land Use and pilot projects in Integrated Environmental Management in 7 Central European Functional Urban Areas. The LUMAT partnership of cities and regions, environmental agencies and research institutions develop integrated "Functional Areas Management Strategies (FAMS)" with shared transnational territorial and scientific competence. FAMS will include planning strategies with innovative technology supported with citizen participation. Local stakeholders will initiate pilot projects by using new interactive information tools from the Urban Atlas and citizen observatories. The ecosystem service concept will support the assessment and decision-making process.

The transfer of outputs and dissemination includes international networks AESOP, ECTP-CEU and ISOCARP, METREX.


For more info visit the official web page of LUMAT project. All project newsletter are available theer as well. Last one is the 4th project newsletter.