Integrated environmental management of SmALl Green Spots in FUncTional Urban ArEas following the idea of acupuncture

The idea of SALUTE4CE is consisting in protection and development of natural resources by the integrated environmental management of green and blue infrastructure with planting native and climate resistant vegetation in functional urban areas lacking large sites for this function. The project will increase capacities of the public sector and related entities to improve management of green infrastructure in functional urban areas by using the small plots/spots which are not attractive for other purposes. 

The project will promote planting native and climate resistant vegetation on these areas in order to restore the biodiversity and natural heritage. To this end the inhabitants will be involved to participate in activities aiming at taking care of the small areas in their neighborhood. Also trainings and public events will be organized to show the values and benefits of planting the native vegetation. The project will develop and apply the concept of urban environmental acupuncture (acting on many small places and achieving great effects due to the large number of these places), which will significantly contribute to improvement of environmental management in functional urban areas in order to make them better places for live and work.

4 nvestments sites were implemented in each of the 4 project cities: Alessandria, Chorzów, Impulse Region and Liptovsky Mikulas. 16 new small green spots, of size not more than 0,2 ha were introduced. Public consultations have taken place in each project FUA following the general concept of UEA. The consultations were concerning both Action Plans and investments.The inhabitants as the most important stakeholders group had an opportunity to propose spots for UEA system in their cities as well as introduce their ideas to the framework of some investments in case of e.g. community gardens or pocket parks.

The Training e-Learning Manual is a tool for transfer of knowledge on urban environmental acupuncture. It is oriented towards problem solving and contains tools and methodology with focus on urban environmental acupuncture in context of FUA and environmental development. It also includes: E-Learning-Modules as training modules. The Training e-Learning Manual is available free of charge on our website, in the manuals folder of publication section.

The Handbook on Urban Environmental Acupuncture (UEA) includes the results of the knowledge gained and tools developed in SALUTE4CE project and catalogue of case studies and good practice examples. This handbook is a helpful guide for preparation and implementation of urban acupuncture strategies including small green spots/plots.

#UrbanEnvironmentalAcupuncture applied in Grandmama garden „Arboretum of native fruit trees“ at Demänovská Elementary School garden, one of 4 pilot Investments of the City of Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia) in the frame of @salute4ce:


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