Smart Urban Reuse Flagship Alliances in Central Europe (SURFACE)

Large volumes of waste & waste water, poor air and water quality, high levels of ambient noise, lack of integrated environmental management are relevant issues in functional urban areas. Reuse is a highly relevant approach to tackle them. Despite recent improvements at transnational level there is still a highly fragmented decision making landscape in this field.

SURFACE’s main objective is to improve environmental management & quality of life of functional urban areas through the establishment of Multi-Stakeholder based Smart Re-Use parks as a possible solution for increasing sustainability in selected functional urban areas. The change consists in the availability of a harmonized & evidence based decision making setting in the field of waste prevention & reuse in CE.

SURFACE involves complementary & synergic partners in different small and medium-sized cities to contribute to the development of local waste prevention & reuse based environmental management strategies and plans. For more info look at project web site.

2 stories were created within SURFACE project presenting the reuse idea.


 Launching pilot action at SURFACE general partner project meeting in Vicenza in April 2019


Inspirational video was developed to show the reuse acitivities in the city of Brno.


Workshops are important part of the project as well. One workshop happened in Ostrava where kids developed new products from old things.


Press release to the SURFACE project can be downloaded here. Or read the most up to date newsletter.

Updates and Impact Measurement of Surface Communication Strategy Deliverable D.C.1.3. can be found here.